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About Dale Cleancare Services

Dale Cleancare are Services was established in September 2017. We identified an opportunity to improve the vast cleaning industry by introducing the latest technology to the market.

As a company,our philosophy is entirely based on client satisfaction.Sincr our clientele have diverse needs, our services are tailor-made to suit individual demands.

The clientele well-being is paramount by offering top-notch affordable services.We put gleam in all that is clean. We ensure our well trained staff are in thumbs with the changing dynamics in the cleaning industry hence can cater for a wide range of customer needs.

“No,” has never been an option. Contact us for an alternative to any janitorial task .

Dale Cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya

We Hire the Best Specialists

ALL of our staff have been given thorough training in order to cater for the various cleaning needs of our clientele. Supplies and Equipment All the cleaning equipment are supplied by the company, therefore the needs of the clients are well taken care off. If the event, a client customer needs us to use a preferred during the cleaning process that can be communicated

How We Work

Dale Cleancare Services strives to work around our customers to offer the desired results. We are flexible therefore any adjustments made by our clientele during the cleaning process is fully catered for without any second thought.
”We Strive To Provide Luxurious And High Standard for Detailed Cleaning to Exceed the Challenging Needs of Our Customers”

Our Mission

Dale Cleancare Services commits to deliver excellent cleaning services with the satisfaction of our clientele being paramount. We strive to deliver services which are efficient, cost effective and environmental

Our Vision

Through our commitment to continual investment, excellence and loyalty in our customers, we thrive to become a nationwide household name in the cleaning industry